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#2901 Beijing Mugwort Foot Patch

  • Item #: 2901
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Item #2901 Beijing Mugwort Foot Patch



Bamboo Vinegar,Bamboo charcoal, shell hard protein powder, chitin, tourmaline, vitamin E,etc


1. For external use only, do not use for skin allergy or wound areas

2. If the skin feels uncomfortable. Please stop using it and use it again after recovery

3. After opening, please use as soon as possible and store in a dry place where babies and children cannot touch.

4. Individual body condition is different, the reaction progress is different

5. This product is contraindicated for pregnant women, female menstruation can be safely used

Because the foot patch from the bottom of the foot to absorb moisture and vapor, the use of the powder bag will become dark and a little mucus residue, are normal.

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