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#2902 Mugwort Sanfutie

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Item#2902 Mugwort Sanfutie

30 pc/box

Product Description.

This product is made by crushing mugwort leaf,  nux vomica, white fruit, licorice and Tianzhu Huang into fine powder, adding hot melt adhesive, camphor and laurel azadirone to mix into paste and spread on release paper.

For People

Respiratory system diseases, digestive system diseases, rheumatism rheumatoid rheumatism caused by neck, shoulder, lumbar pain, waist and leg pain and other sub-healthy people.


Open the package and uncover the backing paper, apply the cream to the corresponding acupuncture point, remove the paste after 6-8 hours per paste, and reapply another paste after an interval of 2-3 hours.


1. The use of skin redness, swelling, congestion, ulceration, broken is prohibited.

2. Not to be used by allergic persons

3. Pregnant women use with caution

4. Few number of people during the trial of local prickling or rash; does not affect the use, gradually disappear after discontinuation of use

5. Burning sensation of the skin is normal during use

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