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#2903 Synovitis patch

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Product #2902 Synovitis Patch

Product Description.

The product consists of gauze-free cloth, gel layer, anti-adhesive layer and other parts. It should not contain ingredients that exert pharmacological, immunological and metabolic effects.


100mm X 120mm


For cold compresses for joint pain and swelling caused by synovitis. Only for closed soft tissue.


For external use. Apply this product directly to the area of discomfort caused by synovitis. Apply 1-2 times a day, and increase or decrease the number of times according to the actual situation.


1. Allergic to this product is prohibited

2. Do not use for open skin injury

3. Lactating, pregnant women should use under the guidance of a physician

4. Prohibited to use beyond the expiration date


Prohibit direct contact with broken skin when using

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